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In This Section:

Legislative Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Legislative Committee is to advise Congress and related federal agencies on decisions that influence the practice and science of transplantation.  The Legislative Committee is charged with educating Members of Congress and advocating for new legislation, appropriations matters and changes to existing laws and regulations for the benefit of patients, transplant surgeons, and society.  The committee assists in building consensus on public policy issues affecting transplantation, communicating these positions to relevant parties, facilitating relationships between ASTS members and their elected representatives, and disseminating timely information to members through blast emails and updates in the Chimera and on the ASTS website's Legislative page under "Advocacy."

Committee Members

Chair: Sherilyn A. Gordon-Burroughs, MD, FACS (2018)
Co-Chair: James J. Pomposelli, MD, PhD, FACS (2017)
Antonio di Carlo, MD, CM, FRCSC (2017)
Bruce E. Gelb, MD (2018)
Vanessa R. Humphreville, MD (2019)
Raja Kandaswamy, MD, FACS (2019)
Councilor Liaison: Ginny L. Bumgardner, MD, PhD
Staff Liaison: Diane L. Mossholder, MA