In This Section:
In This Section:

Advanced Transplant Provider Award- SOLD!

Each year, ASTS recognizes 1 individual for his or her time and efforts dedicated to advancing the practice, standards, and mentorship of Advanced Transplant Providers. Supporters will have the opportunity to present this award to the recipient during the recognition ceremony. 

Rising Stars in Transplantation Award- SOLD!

Each year, ASTS recognizes up to 2 members whose body of academic or scholarly work is original, significant, and potentially transformative to the field of transplant surgery. Supporters will have the opportunity to present this awards to the recipient during the recognition ceremony. 

Vanguard Prize Awards- SOLD!

Each year, ASTS recognizes 2 junior members for their efforts in basic and clinical research. Supporters will have the opportunity to present these awards to the recipients during the recognition ceremony. 

Branded Benches- SOLD!

Park benches located on the 2nd floor of the Loews Hotel, throughout the registration area.  Up to 4 are available for purchase.

Charging Lounge- SOLD!

Located outside the exhibit hall, this offers high visibility to attendees while they charge their mobile devices. Your branding will be featured on the furniture backs and swing table tops.

Daily Pocket Schedule- SOLD!

A daily pocket schedule with your corporate logo or message will be provided to attendees. 

Elevator Landing Floor Decals- SOLD!

Highlight your company’s message as soon as attendees exit or wait for the elevator! Decals are placed on the 2nd floor near registration and size can be customized based on your needs. Minimum decal size is 11.5″ x 11.5″.

Escalator Cling- SOLD!

Advertise your organization’s name and logo on escalators between the main lobby and 2nd floor of the Loews Hotel. Cling will run up the center of the escalator, offering high visibility to attendees.

Escalator Mat- SOLD!

Showcase your company branding at the top of the 2nd floor escalator at the Loews, near registration, as attendees walk toward the meeting space.

Exhibit Booth $1,975 - $2,475

Display and demonstrate your company’s products and services. Each 10x10 space has 3 ft high side rails and an 8 ft high back. Includes conference sign, mobile application listing and website recognition, and 2 complimentary registrations.  Price is dependent upon selection of inline ($1,975) or corner ($2,475) booth.

Exhibit Hall Foot Prints $4,250

Lead attendees to your booth from the entrance of the exhibit hall. Each decal is printed on a template and includes your corporate or product logo and booth number. Placement is per ASTS’ discretion and cannot interfere with other booths.

NEW!  Hand Sanitizer Stations $5,000 (2 dispensers)

Help attendees keep their hands clean and reduce the spread of germs during the meeting. Each station includes a poster of your artwork, an automated dispenser and hand sanitizer. Stations can be placed near registration and/or in the exhibit hall.

Hotel Key Cards & Sleeves $15,000
Key cards are distributed upon check-in at the hotel front desk. In addition, ASTS is offering double the exposure by including keycard sleeves.

Hotel Room Door Drop $7,500

The door drop is distributed to all guest rooms associated with the meeting room block. Attendees will find your company’s message right at their doorstep. The hotel will distribute bags to attendees on Friday, January 27, 2017, as this is the largest night in the room block.

Mobile App Push Notifications- SOLD!

Inform attendees about your booth and invite them to visit you during the scheduled breaks. 

Tote Bag Insert $5,000

Include a printed bag insert in the Symposium meeting bags. Bags are distributed to all registered attendees. All inserts must be pre-approved by ASTS.

Water Stations $5,000

Share your company message at water stations placed throughout the exhibit hall and non-educational meeting space.

For additional marketing opportunities, please contact Maggie Kebler, Grants Manager, at maggie.kebler@asts.org. Please also see the sponsorship opportunities available.