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In This Section:

Article 6: Committees

SECTION 1. Committees may be designated by the Council, by resolution, to function on behalf of the Council in a manner provided in the aforementioned resolution or resolutions or as prescribed in these Bylaws. Committees constituted by any other means shall not be recognized as representing the Society.

SECTION 2. Each committee shall have a chair and co-chair named by the President of the Society who will make appointments to committees except when committee composition is prescribed by these Bylaws. Committee members will serve for three years and appointments shall be staggered to allow for ongoing rotation of committee members.

SECTION 3. A written report of key committee recommendations shall be submitted to the Council for approval during convened council and committee chair meetings.

SECTION 4. There shall be a Membership and Workforce Committee consisting of nine members, each to serve three years.

SECTION 5. There shall be a Nominating Committee consisting of the President, President-Elect, two most recent Past Presidents, and the six most senior Councilors-at-Large. Each committee member must adhere to an expanded conflict of interest policy that precludes a voting member of the committee from casting a vote for him/her self and/or casting a vote for/against a candidate from the same institution. The committee will review the nominations from the general membership and put forward a ballot to eligible voting members that contains six candidates for the three councilor positions, three names for the secretary or treasurer position and one name for the president-elect position.

SECTION 6. There shall be a Committee on Bylaws consisting of nine members, each to serve three years.

SECTION 7:  There shall be a Finance Committee consisting of the Treasurer and up to 5 additional members.

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